Blue movers: 2 movers each $20/hr (Our quotes) - Minneapolis - 2 great movers

Blue movers: 2 movers each $20/hr (Our quotes) — Minneapolis

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Blue movers: 2 movers each $20/hr. We are available right this moment.2 movers each $20/hr

Our Quotes

**Minimum cost for loading or unloading:.............2 hrs = $80
**Minimum cost for loading and unloading:............4 hrs = $160

**Moving from Apt to another apt/house, in between minutes while on the road, we dont charge.

**We only charge for the manpower.
**We dont take breaks during loading or unloading.
**We take breaks after loading, when everything is on the truck and good to go.
**Always fast pace,till the last item is in the truck.
**Sadly we dont have a truck.

>>>>If you have any more questions, let us know. Our contact number is 612 483 0164.

You can email us at

>>>>Phone call would be great, emailing would be great too even if its 3 am in the morning, we will reply back as soon as possible.
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States